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Our Mission

The goal of the Pituitary Disorders Education & Support is to help improve the quality of life for pituitary patients and their families, and to improve health care through communication, public awareness and patient education.

The PDES provides physician and patient seminars to share information on the diagnosis of and treatment for pituitary tumors, as well as information on the many aspects of pituitary tumors and disorders.

Since its inception in 1998, the Pituitary Disorders Education & Support has brought hundreds of patients, families, and medical professionals, together for the purpose of gaining a better and broader understanding of pituitary disorders.

The PDES was founded for the purpose of:

  • To provide current information and updates on the advances in treatment of pituitary disorders.

  • Self-help and support through educational seminars presented by medical professionals, newsletters, and brochures.

  • To provide patients with contact information of medical professionals who have experience in the treatment of pituitary disorders.

  • The opportunity to meet other patients through the internet, patient meetings, and contact list.

Our long-term goals are:

  • To promote research that will provide a better understanding of the physical and psychological symptoms.

  • To provide information about pituitary tumors “for medical professionals who do not routinely treat pituitary patients.” This information will hopefully encourage referrals, testing, and treatment.

  • To provide mental health care professionals with information about the impact pituitary tumors have on daily life.

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Consult a competent professional for answers to your specific questions.

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